ML Binova Easy are not like other reading glasses. They have qualities and details that gives unique comfort when reading.


A yellow tint that reduced the harmful blue light with more than 50%. It improves your vision by providing better contrast and relaxing your eyes.


The lenses relieve your eye muscles, since they reduce the need for rotating the eyes inwards when reading. This creates a more comfortable reading, especially notable during long reading sessions and when shifting your focus from near to far many times a day. 


Improves your vision by creating a clearer and undisturbed image.

Light Flexible temples

The flexible temples make sure the glasses sit firm on your head without creating uncomfortable pressure. 

Wide Power Range

ML Binova® Easy is available in powers from +1,0 up all the way to +8,0. The vast majority of other reading glasses are only available in power up to +3,5. Higher powers than +3,5 are needed when you need to see small details or if your visual acuity is reduced.

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