Today’s conditions when you read differs quite dramatically compared to the conditions only a few years ago. Our primary source of information are often smartphones, tablets and computers. ML Binova is designed to help people read comfortably and relaxed. There are ML Binova glasses for all types of eyes; from people needing modest addition to people needing high addition due to visual impairment, or a need to see small details.



ML Binova is available in standard powers from +1.0 D up to +16 D. It’s also possible to order ML Binova with individual prescription. With high addition and short reading distance, cylinder power is often not important to correct. Even small differences between right and left eye are acceptable for most people. Therefore, standard solutions work fine also for cylinder powers or small differences between right and left eye.


High addition means reading at a short distance, the short distance means big convergence need, which might cause eye strain. That’s why all ML Binova have a built-in prism to reduce the convergence need.

For the lower standard powers, we assume that the patient is close to emmetrope and calculate the convergence prism based on the power. When the power increases, we assume that the patient is a little hyperope, see chart below. If the distance prescription differs a lot from this, ML Binova RX should be considered with a specified addition.


Because of the new demands for the eye looking at close distance, sometimes a filter tint can be useful.

The difference in light level on a smartphone compared to the surroundings is often very big (for example, when reading at night). This is causing eye strain, which needs to be addressed.

LED-screens expose your eyes to more harmful blue light than reading on paper. The harmful blue light speeds up the ageing process of your eyes and you’re more likely to develop eye deseases in the long run. 

Blue light also affects your circadian rhythm by surpressing production of the sleep hormone melatonin. If using your phone in the evening, you will likely find it harder to fall asleep and/or you might wake up more often during night.


All ML Binova lenses are coated with our ML Prima+ or Multicoat. This increses the light transmission and enhances comfort.


All frames in ML Binova are high quality frames developed for this purpose. Light weight, flexible temples and durable are common descriptions for all our frames.

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