Optics for short distances

There are many different solutions to achieve better vision at near distance.
Common to all of our products are that they give a clear image on the retina and also that they magnify the image.

The simplest way to achieve magnification is of course by using a magnifying glass.
However, in this section you find both reading glasses and headworn visual aids that can be worn like normal glasses.

The big advantage of having the magnification in a frame is that both hands are free.
This also make these solutions suitable to people without a visual impairment that need to see small details but still requires to use both hands.

The best solution depends on several factors:

  • The presence or the degree of visual impairment
  • Monocular or binocular use intended
  • The task or situation when needed

Starting to use a near visual aid might require some adaption.
It can also be necessary to change the behaviour when reading or working at near distances.


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