ML Filter colours

All ML Filter have 100% blocking of UV light below 400 nm. 

ML Filter for people with normal sight and impaired vision

ML Filter 400 - Lightly tinted lens that is comfortable and relaxing for most people. Absorbs some of the shortwave blue light. Colour: Light beige

ML Filter C1 - Allows parts of the blue light transmits to maintain a natural color perception. Absorbs 80% of the harmful shortwave blue light. Color: Yellow.

ML Filter 450 - Absorbs all of the harmful shortwave blue light. Color: Lemon.

ML Filter 500 - Allows a small part of the blue light transmit to have some color perception. Absorbs 95% of all blue light. Color: Yellow.

ML Filter 511 - Orange lens. Absorbs all blue light. Color: Orange.

ML Filter 527 - Absorbs all the blue light and some parts of the green light. Color: Dark orange.

ML Filter for people with impaired vision

ML Filter 550 - A clearly red lens that absorbs all blue light and most of the green light as well. Color: Red.

ML Filter 585 - Dark red lens that only allows parts of yellow light and red light to transmit. Color: Dark red.

ML Filter for night driving

ML Filter LLR - LED Light Reduction - Absorbs shortwave blue light with focus on eliminating the uncomfortable blue light from modern car head lights. It also increases the comfort for computer work. Color: Light yellow.

ML Filter for Migrain

ML 41 - Shown to relieve migrain symptoms and reduce visual stress, especially for patients with brain traumas with some kind of effect on the visual function. Color: Pink.

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