Eyewear for marksmen

Optics that are specially customized for marksmen.

A prerequisite for being able to shoot at all is that you can see well. As long as you don’t need glasses or only need unifocal lenses with low powers, then there is no problem.

However, there can be problems if you have high powers or if you have progressive lenses. Due to the design of the optics in these lenses, you can be severely limited in how well you can see and therefore how well you can aim at your target. You could also benefit from our contrast-enhancing filters many marksmen uses, and it is one of our specialties.

Below you can find some optimizations we can do to create a better vision for marksmen:

  • A segment with optimal optics for shooting – we can place a segment with the exact power you need in exactly the place where you look through the glass when you aim. The rest of the lens can be progressive or unifocal.
  • A reading part out of the way – A lens with optimized optics for shooting over the entire surface, except for a small part way down or out where you have an addition for reading.
  • Contrast-enhancing filters across the lens – whatever power or type of lens, we can put contrast-enhancing filters on the glass.
  • A contrast-enhancing filter in the segment – If you don’t want the whole glass tinted with a contrast filter, you can also get it only in the part you use when shooting.
  • A prism to compensate for muscle weakness in the eye – if you for some reason have got a muscle weakness, which makes it hard to look in a sight, we can, with help of a built-in prism in the glass, compensate for that and make it possible for you to aim comfortably.

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