Screen work

Harmful indoor light

In recent years we have come to spend more and more time in front of various screens (computers, iPads, smartphones, video games, TV etc) with high amount of LED light. These screens emit a lot of potentially harmful blue light that causes premature ageing of the eyes. You can avoid this hazardous exposure by using a bright filter lens.
The blue light also disrupts the body’s own natural clock, since it prevents production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Exposure to blue light thus keeps us awake, even when we’re tired and desperately want to sleep. However, by using filter glasses while working at the computer before bedtime you can prevent poor sleep quality caused by blue light exposure.

Computers, iPhones, iPads and TV

The intense blue LED light from computer screens is a relatively new source of light that the eyes are exposed to and causes them to age. Headaches, muscle tension and sleep problems are common side effects after several hours in front of a computer screen. We are also exposed to the harmful blue light when we use smartphones, tablets, computer games and TV. With ML Filter Glasses the blue light is substantially reduced. Suitable filter color is LLR filter.

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