Extreme sensitivity to light

ML Bilux

The smart way to block light

For people with high light sensitivity, really dark glasses is not always an ideal solution. Even if they provide comfort, they are sometimes too dark to function in a certain situation. Strong sunlight requires dark glasses, which might be too dark to be able to see, for example, the products in a shopping window. The same applies for filters: For a user, a certain filter might be needed when it is very light and another when it is normal light. Or one filter is more comfortable when looking at a far distance and another on short distance. To address this problem, we have invented the ML BILUX Product product range. The idea of ML BILUX products is to use different transmission in different parts of the lenses in a pair of glasses. By doing so, the comfort for certain people can be improved drastically.

Extra dark sunglasses

Sunglasses with extremely dark lenses.

In cases where extra protection from light is needed but ML Bilux is not suitable, Multilens can produce lenses that are extremely dark. We can tint lenses to only transmit 1% of the light. It's often a good choice to use polarized lenses and tint them darker. That way, you can also gain from the polarized effect.

Extremely dark lenses also reduces the visual acuity, it's wise not to choose darker lenses than really needed. Therefore it's good to try both filter sunglasses and ML Bilux before ordering extra dark sunglasses.

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