Experienced Eyes

"70 is the new 20" and "age is the new black" are two quotes that well describe the growing target group of active elderly. It is trendy to age, based on how the aging population lives today. For each year that goes by, the number inreases of healthy elderly who has time and money to invest in their interests and own well being. Industry for industry discovers the target group's potential and purchasing power. This also applies to us in the optics industry.

Multilens have a long experience of working with special optical solutions and the ageing eye. The Experienced Eyes concept has been designed for optitians, to help you to communicate optical solutions to people with experienced eyes. The box can be placed in the examination room, in the waiting room or on the check-out counter. We believe that it will be easier to display and show the product benefits for Experienced Eyes, instead of just talking about them.

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