Craftmen glasses

Eyewear for craftsmen

For carpenters, electricians and others. Glasses designed for near vision in more directions than downwards. Glasses for all kinds of craftsmen.

Most people begin to have trouble seeing on short distances as they approach the age of 40. The most common ways of dealing with this is to acquire a pair of reading glasses, progressive lenses or perhaps a pair of bifocals.

All these options work very well for most people, because they are adapted for near vision downwards, i.e. for reading. But when you need near vision upwards (e.g. electrical work on the ceiling or ), then the function is not optimal. The normal thing to do is to bend the neck to see at all. This is of course not good for the long term health.

We can offer a variety of solutions for this:

  • Bifocal glasses where the reading part is at the top.
  • Progressive lenses with a reading part at the top.
  • A reading part at the top with a built-in prism that reduces the eye strain.
  • Trifocal lenses with a built-in prism at the top of the reading part.
  • Talk to your optician and describe your needs so we can find a solution that suits you the best.

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