ML Filter on contact lenses

All ML filters have UV blocking below 400 nm. Note that the filtering of light in soft contact lenses does not give exactly the same filter curve as the edge filter in ophthalmic lens. We are constantly working to improve this, but the transmission curve for ML 511 in contact lenses is not as steep as in glasses.

ML Filter 450 - Clear yellow contact lens that absorbs it short-wave violet light. General contrast enhancement.

Absorbs most light below 450 nm.

ML Filter 511 - Absorbs blue light.

Comfortable lens for most people. Absorbs most of the light below 511 nm.

ML Filter 527 - In addition to blue light, it also absorbs some of the green light. Can be perceived as too great a color effect for normal vision.

Absorbs light below 527 nm

ML Filter 550 - Clear red lens that is mainly used for visually impaired patients eg. with Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Absorbs light below 550 nm.

ML Filter 585 - Dark red lens that is usually used at akromatopsier. Absorbs light below 585 nm.

ML Filter colors only Multilens own lenses ML Soft.

Silicone hydrogel cannot be dyed.

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