Multilens also produces another larger diameter mini scleral lens MSD in diameter 15,8 and 18 mm. MSD design and thin profile results in minimal lens edge/lid interaction providing excellent patient comfort. The lens posterior surface incorporates reverse geometry. High DK lens materials with 100 or more, provide optimum oxygen transmission for advanced irregular corneas and for dry eyes. A mini scleral lens can give better visual quality on an irregular cornea and our modern mini sclerals add benefits also for patient with normal refractive errors.

  • The MSD has several different edge lifts, can be delivered with toric periphery, and the profile can be changed in the lens's periphery as well as over the limbus
  • MSD is fitted with sagittal height (SAG) and can be ordered from SAG 3.60 to 6.00 mm
  • For post graft we recommend Optimum Infinite with DK 180

MSD Fitting tool




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Simplified Fitting Guide

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