Scleral Lenses

Multilens manufactures scleral lenses in various forms. The latest addition to scleral lenses is Onefit and Onefit MED where the lens design comes from Blanchard Lab in Canada.

Onefit is our smallest and thinnest mini-scleral lens with a standard diameter of 14.9 mm.

Onefit MED has a larger diameter with 15.6 mm as standard. Onefit MED allows for more individual customization.

Another alternative is Rose K2 XL, a corneo scleral also called semi-scleral lens.

We also manufacture larger mini-scleral lenses, in diameter up to 23 mm.

Thanks to materials with high DK values of 100 or more, scleral lenses can work on advanced irregular cornea and on dry eyes. That a ridged lens can provide better visual quality as soon as one has an irregularity on cornea is known for a long time. But even ordinary refractive errors can be corrected with our modern mini-scleral lenses. For transplanted (graft) cornea, we recommend lens material Optimum Infinite with Dk 180.




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