Menicon Z Night

Sleep well at night and see good in the day.

Night lenses or orthokeratology lenses are a temporary and reversible form change process of the corneal outermost layer, the epithelium. By reversible is meant that the change in shape is not permanent.
The cornea returns to its original form if the treatment ends.

The technology has been around for a long time, but over the past 5 to 10 years the technology has evolved increasingly. Modern technology makes it possible to accurately and accurately examine the shape of the cornea using corneal topography. From the topography measurements, we can then make contact lenses that are tailor-made for each individual eye. In this way the optometrist can control the change in the corneal shape in order to obtain the desired effect on the refractive error.

Night lenses are a safe alternative to refractive surgical treatment of myopia.

You put in your night glasses Menicon Z Night in the evening when you go to sleep. The process of change occurs while you sleep. When you wake up, remove the lenses and clean them as instructed by your optometrist. You get good visual acuity during the awake time without using glasses or contact lenses.

Ortho-K is ideal for sportsmen as you don't have the risk of losing the contact lenses when you exercise. You also get released from glasses that become fuggy, dirty or gnaw down your nose. Others who can benefit from Ortho-K are e.g. people working in a dirty or dusty environment or in a solvent environment. People suffering from pollen allergy can often use Ortho-K without problems even during the allergy periods.

Myopia control
It has been seen that there are clear indications that children and adolescents treated with orthokeratology develop myopia to a much lesser extent than with other correction methods


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