Do you need contact lenses for more advanced refractive errors? We have the solutions to many problems.

We manufacture contact lenses for all types of common myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. Our contact lenses are always custom made and we only manufacture them after ordering. Our own soft contact lenses, ML Soft, can be manufactured in several different materials and with almost any power and size whatsoever. Among our ridged lenses there is many variants for healthy eyes and for eyes with corneal irregularity. These can be done in any conceivable forms, in single vision or in some cases even for correction of presbyopia and with progressive function.

For eyes with keratoconus or other irregular corneal surface, which cannot be corrected well with glasses, we can offer several different types of specially designed, ridged corneal contact lenses. The Rose K2 lenses, the world’s most widely used lens for keratoconus eyes, we manufacturer for the Nordic countries.

The assortment also includes a wide range of modern ridged larger scleral contact lenses, we have so-called semi-scleral or corneo-scleral, but most important good modern mini-scleral lenses. The Onefit lenses can be the solution to many visual problems. If needed, we can also offer full-scleral contact lenses.

We also sell so-called night lenses for ortho treatment of myopia. Night lenses are a safe alternative to surgical treatment of myopia.

Contact us and we will help you with the best solution of advanced or more common contact lenses.



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